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Coach Jordi Taylor

Director & Head Coach 

I have been fortunate enough to work with athletes from youth, novice, semi professional through to professional. My specialty lies within this attention to detail with each athlete and their goals through proven principles backed by the latest in Sports Science and Applied Research to ensure each athlete is catered to their individual needs.

My love for Strength & Conditioning started at 16 when I had my first serious injury in sport- a dislocated knee cap and grade 3 tear of MCL. At the time it was heartbreaking, however spending the next 4 months with the Physios and S&C Staff opened my eyes to a totally different perspective on the sports world- and following programs in Mens Health or T Nation probably wasn't the best thing for athletic development. Looking back, there is so many of the players and my good mates that needed structure and guidance with their training that would have potentially helped them go further in sport, however were continually injured, put on too much muscle too soon without knowing how to move and even got slower with gym and field training. 

Fast forward 8 years, I have been lucky enough to work with athletes to help the achieve goals they never thought was possible, all thanks to the experience working with coaches in my own journey. As I've progressed my coaching career, I have continued to surround myself with coaches I aspire to be, just like when I first suffered that in my own journey. As I've progressed my coaching career, I have continued to surround myself with coaches I aspire to be when I was injured. I have coached athletes multiple athletes in the Olympics, Youth Olympics, NRL, NRLW, National Track & Field, National and International Swimming and worked with many other sports at a Local, State and National level. 

That's why I created my company "Perspective Training". We all have our own unique views and understandings of the world and I want to share mine with the next crop of talented athletes on their journey to the top of their sports. 

 “The goal with any sport is to reverse engineer the physical demands, and implement the right plan to suit the whole athlete; physically and mentally to ensure long term success, as there is no one size fits all in life”

My coaching methodology is simple- build lasting relationships and trust and the rest will follow. 


Bachelor of Sports Science 

Bachelor of Business Management 

ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach

AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports

Cert III and Cert IV Fitness

Cert III Community Health and Recreation 



Athletic Development is my specialty. Whether you are looking to make the local A grade team, return from injury, play professional sport or achieve Olympic gold medal I want to help you make those goals, dream and aspirations a reality.


Ryan Williams, known as "R Willy" is the current X Games champion and touring with the world famous Nitro Circus. When Ryan is on the Sunshine Coast, he is working to improve is longevity in a brutal sport through specific balance, stability, strength and power principles.


Annette is a local Sunshine Coast junior, playing rugby league for the Beerwah Bulldogs in her teenage years. Annette now plays in the NRLW for the Brisbane Broncos, represents her state in the Womens State of Origin and her country on the world stage. Annette wants to be a positive role model for young women looking to aspire to make it to the top of their sport. She trains for the demands of rugby league including strength, power and speed.


Coach Brendan Sainsbury

Lead Educator/ High Performance Consultant

Highly qualified and experienced in High Performance Sport, Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Development, I am extremely passionate about optimising the performance of athletes at any level. I pride myself on the professional approach I have towards high performance and always strive to get the most out of the athletes I train, in the ultimate goal of reaching their full potential. I specialise in designing and delivering performance systems of the highest standard, using proven and research-based High Performance and Strength & Conditioning principles to athletes and coaches. 

My journey in Strength & Conditioning started as an athlete striving to reach the peak of my performance. I played semi-professional AFL and Rugby League with the Canberra Raiders development squad. Although I had some ability, I really missed quality coaching to optimise my development and assist me to really reach the top. I then had serious shoulder surgery, where again, I lacked the right support to get me back at my best. My passion to assist others came from my first mentor, and very close friend (an Ex-Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Chargers). He showed me that with the right tools, I can be someone who can make a real difference in someone else's development and be the coach that I was missing.

In the last 10 years, I have spent much of my time running successful High Performance programs for second-tier AFL programs in Queensland, New South Wales and ACT. I have worked with the GWS Giants Women’s AFL program, Wallaroos, University athletes at ANU and in Allied Health. I have worked with every age group from 15 years old through to masters, men and women, from rehabilitation to the performance, military, and from local level athletes to professional and international (Olympic) level athletes. I also love sharing my knowledge with not just athletes, in mentoring other coaches.


Masters of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning)

Bachelor of Sports Coaching & Exercise Science

Level 3 ASCA Elite Strength and Conditioning Coach

Level 1 AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports

Cert III & IV in Fitness



Perspective Training is located in O2 Performance on the ground floor of the Sports Hub precinct on Lake Kawana, Bokarina, Sunshine Coast.

This state of the art inclusive 2000sqm facility is designed for professional athletes, general population and special cases.

The gym contains 4 specific training areas, 60m IAAF Sprint Track, 30m Astro Turf space, 8 full lifting platforms including speciality bars, and two separate lifting spaces that include cables and machines.

There is also a private spin and training room designed specifically for teams.

This facility is truely designed to create a high performance environment for athletes to take their performance to the next level!



The Sports Science Lab is available for all athletes under the supervision and testing protocols of a Sports Scientist. This equipment is normally only available to professional sporting organisations or universities.

The lab contains, SIMI marker-less biomechanics assessment, Zebra Treadmill Analysis System, VALD Forcedeck Force Plates, Human Trak, Nordbord and Force Frame, Cortex Portable VO2 Max Machine and Swift Timing Gates allowing for world-class performance testing and data collection for amateur to elite athletes to create “Performance Passports” and a deeper understanding to athletic performance.

This allows the ability to deliver individual data driven programs. The combination of world class testing protocols, data collection, advanced assessments and coaching experience deliver the highest quality product to the athlete for success in their sporting endeavours.



The High Performance camps are available to schools, clubs and teams from primary school to professional sport to stay, train and recover at the Sports Hub.

Perspective Training works directly with these organisations to deliver the perfect training camp, covering accommodation, gym and field usage, Sports Science lab testing, catered meals, recreational activities and much more!