Team (from 4 persons)
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Anthropometric Measurements 

Postural and Movement Assessment using VALD HumanTrak System

Range of Motion Assessment 

FMS Movement Screen 

Power Profile using VALD Force Decks (Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull, Counter Movement Jump, Squat Jump, Depth Drop, Hop Test and individual needs) 

Special Strength using VALD Force Decks, Nordbord and Force Frame (Athletic Shoulder Assessment, Nordic, Hip Adduction/ Abduction and individual needs) 

Speed and Agility Testing using Swift Timing Gates (5m,10m,20m,40m, 5-10-5 test and individual needs)

VO2 Max Test (treadmill, bike, rower or kayak ergos) 

This comprehensive testing battery creates an athlete “Performance Passport” which is a collection of data on the athlete used to create specific individual data driven programs. With the large volumes of athletes being tested every week, we are able compare specific athletic traits from sport to sport, age etc to understand trends and identify potential strengths and weaknesses within a particular athlete and sport. Upon conclusion athletes receive a full performance report identifying key qualities.


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