12 Weeks Online Coaching Package

12 Weeks Online Coaching Package

While we'd prefer to have face to face coaching for all athletes, we understand that for many of life's reasons this sometimes is impossible. That's why we have created the Online Coaching Option, suited for interstate or athletes that are unable to attend face to face training who demand the best possible individual program to increase performance and minimise injury risk. All athletes should have the ability to have access to high quality coaching. 

What's included:

  • Bi-Weekly Check In via Zoom. 

  • Initial Video Performance Testing and Screening.

  • Monthly Individual Programming on Teambuilr App. This includes individual needs (Mobility and Movement Prep), development of Strength, Speed, Power and Energy Systems Development.

  • Ability to upload video footage for Technique Analysis and Assessment. 

  • Daily Wellness and Load Management Strategies.

  • Home Training Sessions. 

Included prior to 1:1 training, all athletes are required to undertake initial Video Performance Testing via Zoom to establish baseline metrics and gain quantifiable data to aid in program design and outcome. (Vaule of $149) 

    $750.00 Regular Price
    $450.00Sale Price