Unbreakable Series- Shoulder

Unbreakable Series- Shoulder

The Shoulder Joint is the most mobile joint in the entire body - which means significant stability is required from the shoulder joint itself, as well as surrounding structures to help protect this joint from injury.


In this program you will find a complete and comprehensive guide to Upper Body Training - with a key focus on developing structural integrity at the Shoulder Joint and the surrounding musculature.

It is not a magic panacae for all exisiting and future shoulder injuries - it is however a resourceful guide which can be used numerous times to develop more sound foundations in the Upper Limb.


Designed with three key blocks: Foundations, Building & Realisation, this program progressively increases in difficulty, demanding slightly more structural integrity from the Upper limb each block.


With full exercise demonstrations for over 75 movements, this program provides you with the tools to begin building 'Unbreakable' Shoulders